Cyber Monday Coolness

Are you done with NaNoWriMo and wondering where to go next? Here’s a free class on revising and rewriting to help you figure out your road map. Link is good only through Monday, December 2. Click on this link to access Rewriting, Revising, and Fine-Tuning Your Fiction.

New On-Demand Classes

The on-demand school has several new offerings just in time for Cyber Monday. Fresh off the proverbial press, here's the first:

Dunking Your Reader in the Details

How do you create a world that feels immersive to your reader without drowning them in description? What details should be included -- and what should be left out? Cat Rambo gives you twelve tools to use for creating immersive worlds, along with writing exercises designed to help you master each technique.

Other Recent Additions You May Have Missed

Writing Flash Fiction: How to Write and Sell Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is one of the hottest forms in speculative fiction around, well suited to life on the go as it gives the reader a quick, satisfying burst of narrative that can delight, alarm, astonish -- and always entertain. Learn how to write fantasy and science fiction flash fiction as well as where and how to get it published with an author who's written and published dozens of flash pieces in a wide array of places.

Writing in the Cracks: Finding Time for Writing When You Have None

Stephen King tells us that to write, we need a room with a door we can close. But many, maybe most of us, don't have that luxury, and if we do, we often don't have enough hours in the day. This course teaches you how to find ways to get space to write, and how to find time to write in those cracks in your daily schedule, no matter how busy your day or how crowded your space.

New Live Classes!

The latest round of live classes has been announced and includes seven new ones as well as three new faculty members. Click through to find out about pricing, registration, and the three free slots in each class.

The First Novel Draft Blues: How to Revise and Rewrite ( on December 7 will help you assemble a plan of what to do next when tackling your first draft. Sign up before December 2 and get an extra $20 discount!

Marie Brennan will teach Writing Fight Scenes on Feb 15 (special time: 1-3 PM Pacific)

You can still write a good fight scene even if you’ve never held a weapon. In this guide, fantasy novelist Marie Brennan will show you how. Drawing on her experience with fencing, stage combat choreography, Okinawan martial arts, and above all writing, she lays out the components that turn the strikes into a compelling story. From purpose to tactics to prose, Writing Fight Scenes walks you through the anatomy and execution of combat on the page.

On February 23 Kate Heartfield will teach Writing Interactive Fiction.

If you’ve ever found yourself choosing between possible endings or plot twists, why not try a storytelling format that lets you explore them all? Games and interactive fiction invite the reader to join in the storytelling process, and invite the writer to consider multiple facets of agency, characterization, pacing and plot. Learn some fundamental principles and techniques for interactive formats, or just gain a new perspective on ways to develop your non-interactive prose.

On March 8, Tracy Townsend will discuss the art of deep point of view in Head Hopping and Head Hunting: Deep Point of View Writing

Writers are often encouraged to focus on developing their voice, much of which comes from how they approach point of view in their work. In this class, you’ll work with Tracy Townsend, author of the Thieves of Fate series from Pyr, to hone your understanding of point of view: who should be telling the story; what tools are available to you, whether you’re in first, second, or third person; how to approach “problems” of point of view; and how to surprise your reader and deepen your storytelling through powerful use of character voice in narration.

Returning Faculty

Nisi Shawl has taught classes on book reviewing for the Academy previously. She returns on January 5, 2020, to give us A Taste of Writing the Other, based on the workshop and book created by herself and Cynthia Ward.

James L. Sutter returns to give you The Freelancer’s Toolkit:Turning Writing Into a Business

You like the idea of writing for hire, but you don't know where to start. Or maybe you've started freelancing, but aren't sure how to level up your business. Never fear! After 15 years earning a living solely through games and fiction, James L. Sutter has the tips you need to turn a hobby into a career. From taxes and networking to work habits and career strategy, this class will give you a primer on everything the new freelancer needs to know. How do you get gigs, and are you chasing the right ones? Are conventions worth your time? What should you charge? And how the heck do write-offs work, anyway? Whether you're an author, editor, game designer, artist, or anyone else doing creative work, you need to understand the business side of the industry. So stop worrying and start getting paid!</em>

Catherine Lundoff also returns to teach a new class on January 18, Book Promotion on a Budget.

Got a new book coming out? Or one that’s been out for a while that needs a little extra love? Chances are that if you’re an author doing any of your own promotion, you’re dealing with one or both of these scenarios. Chances are also good that you’ve got some budgetary constraints on what you can afford, so how do you get the most for your money? This workshop will help you review some options and build a promotional plan that you can use and reuse for current and forthcoming titles.

Fran Wilde returns with two favorites, Journaling for Creativity (Jan 5, 2020) ( and Fantastic Worldbuilding (Feb 1, 2020)

Other perennial favorites that are returning include:
Moving From Idea to Finished Draft
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