Most of my weekend went into working on this page and setting up the next round of classes. I'm hoping to nail down two more by the end of the day so I can mail out the newsletter tomorrow, but here's some details.

  • Cassandra Khaw has confirmed she will teach the food writing class (May 12) plus another on writing gore and horror.
  • Fran Wilde has confirmed she will teach Cussing in Secondary Worlds again, still working out date.
  • Howard Tayler is definitely teaching something on humor writing (May 26).
  • Juliette Wade will definitely be teaching her linguistics for writers class again sometime in June.
  • Scott Andrews is definitely teaching on April 14; I suspect on editing, but we're still figuring out details.
  • I am talking to Kyell Gold about a class on writing furry fiction.
  • Currently working on the on-demand version of Writing Steampunk and Weird Western, which is growing alarmingly.
  • Some classes I'm thinking about and have done some initial approaches for are urban fantasy and military SF. Here I've got pitches to two writers that I think would be amazing and am waiting to hear back. Fingers crossed.